Considering spine surgery can be a difficult and frightening feeling. Proliance Surgeons does whatever we can to help ease that stress. We believe that one way to make your choice for surgery less difficult is to show you how our patients do and feel when they come out of surgery. At Proliance, we’ve been collecting data on our patients’ wellness for several years and we are proud to share our clinical and quality-of-life outcomes.

We evaluate our effectiveness in two ways: through clinical outcomes (such as reducing surgical complications and eliminating infections) and through patient-reported outcomes, which ask the patients themselves to evaluate their level of pain and changes to their quality of life as a result of a spine procedure.

As reported by MPIRICA Health, Inc., who publish quality rankings for surgeons and hospitals across the U.S., our clinical outcomes are excellent, with many of our spine surgeons scoring in their highest category of quality.

We monitor patient-reported outcomes carefully to make sure our patients’ quality of life improves as a result of their spine procedures. Using internationally recognized measures for pain reduction and quality of life, Proliance surgeons consistently improve their patients’ well-being in all areas measured.