Spin Class 101: Dizziness & Vertigo Information Session


Dizziness and vertigo may be the result of a dysfunction in your inner ear, called your vestibular system (your balance system). Your hearing system is also located inside of your inner ear and these two systems connect to your brain. Learn about potential factors for why you may be feeling dizzy and what you can do about it to live a more functional life without dizziness or imbalance.

Our Puget Sound Ear Nose & Throat Experts:

  • Dr. Sugihara, Otolaryngologist
  • Dr. Kriz: Vestibular Physical Therapist
  • Dr. Peterson: Audiologist


Dizziness & Vertigo Information Session

  • Date: Monday, January 7 OR Monday, January 14
  • Time: 5–6:00 p.m.
  • Cost: $25/person
  • Puget Sound Ear Nose & Throat 
    21911 76th Ave W
    Suite 211
    Edmonds, WA 98026


RSVP: (425) 775-6651 or email m.kriz@proliancesurgeons.com