Proliance Orthopedic Associates: Dr. Barrett on KVI AM 570


William Barrett, MD, of Proliance Orthopedic Associates performs more than 500 joint replacement procedures each year. In this informative interview on IRG’s Health Talk, Dr. Barrett talks to Shannon O'Kelley, MPT, about how knee surgery patients can ensure the best joint replacement options.

Dr. Barrett also discuss his involvement in a new knee implant design that improves motion and stability, while hopefully increasing the longevity of the knee implants. A team of top orthopedic surgeons took the best knowledge to date and spent years researching and testing this new global design to be more user-friendly and friendly to the kneecap.

Listen to Dr. Barrett's interview to learn more about the history of total knee replacements, the anatomy of the knee, and how function may vary with age.

IRG Health Talk is a Washington-based radio show on KVI AM 570 in Seattle, WA.

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