Need orthopedic surgery? An ambulatory surgery center may be your best bet


A recent article in Becker’s ASC Review highlights how people needing orthopedic surgery increasingly find ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs) a compelling alternative to hospitals. Unlike hospitals, ASCs offer same-day service—your surgery is performed in the morning and you’re home in the evening. ASCs are also often less expensive compared to hospitals, both for the insurance payer and for the patient.

At Proliance Surgeons, we’re especially prepared to meet the growing demand for same-day surgeries. With 21 ASCs located throughout the Puget Sound area, we’re close at hand regardless of where you live. Our facilities offer consistently safe and state-of-the-art surgical suites and some of the highest-ranked orthopedic surgeons in the country. Our surgeons are so highly rated, in fact, that eight of the top 10 knee replacement surgeons and six of the top 10 hip replacement surgeons in the U.S. are Proliance surgeons (as reported by MPIRICA Health, Inc.).

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To read the article at Becker's ASC Review, click here.